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This project focused on how to efficantly use light in public spaces and how this can improve mobility in a city. The result became an outdoor luminaire for public staircases.
Supervisor: Olof Kolte
Design an outdoor luminaire for a staircase with conscious and efficient use of light.

The Problem 
It all started one night when I was walking my way home.  I found myself in many dark places in the city and it became clear to me that especially staircases are potentially dangerous when not lit enough during night.  My focus became to address this problem and to design a staircase luminaire

Finding the light

Finding the form

TRAPP projects light mainly on the ground but also on the back of the wall. The light is soft with no sharp edges, which makes it easy to see the steps. Projecting light on the wall makes it easier to see the handrail as well as the silhouette of the luminaire itself. 

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