My name is Anna-Maria Nilsson, I'm an industrial designer based in the southern part of Sweden. I'm always up for new collaborations, feel free to contact me if you have any exciting projects. 
Freelance designer based in Lund, 2021-12- currently
Design Intern at IKEA of Sweden,  Älmhult, 2021-02- 2021-12 
Freelance Designer of REVUE a magazine rack for Schönbuch, 2020 
UX Research Project at THULE. Student research project about strollers, Malmö, 2017-12- 2018-03
Co-worker Self serve and Restaurant, IKEA Malmö and IKEA Barkarby, 2015 - 2021-02
GSS/T (part time) Soldier Swedish Armed Force, Signalsquad 121. komp Livgardet, 2013-11 - 2020-10 
GSS/K (full time) Soldier Swedish Armed Force, Signalsquad 74.komp Livgardet, 2012-12 - 2013-11
Bachelor of Industrial Design School of Industrial DesignLund University, 2017 - 2020 
Exchange semester College of Creative ArtsMassey University, Wellington, 2019 
Art School Lund’s Art and Design School, 2016 – 2017 
Basic Military training (GMU) Swedish Armed Force, Livgardet, Kungsängen, 2012-09-2012-12

ECC Student craft design award 2019 Finalist, awarded the judges Highly commended 
Pure Talent Contest 2019 Nominee,  participated in the exhibition at Imm Cologne in January 2019
Jury member School of Industrial Design, Lund Univeristy, spring 2020 
Programeboard member School of Industrial Design, Lund University, 2018-07-2019-06 
President of the Student Council for Industrial Design A-Guild at TLTH, Lund’s Technical Faculty’s Union 2018-07 - 2019-06 
Board member The Guild of Architecture and Industrial Design 2018-07 - 2019-06
Adobe programs Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrastor, Lightroom, Premier Pro, Adobe XD
Sketch Procreate 
CAD Rhino, Soldiworks, Blender, Fusion 360
Render Keyshot, Maxwell
Swedish Mother Tongue 
English Fluent 
German Basic Knowledge
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