A futuristic concept of a cyclic bathroom that is almost self-contained, where the water can be reused over and over again by purifying the water within the bathroom. 
In the future society more people predict to live in larger cities with busy lifestyles. Today clean water is something we take for granted and we consume water like there is no limit. It is easy to think that it will always be like this but due to climate change this will probably not be the case in 2035.
Supervisor: Rodney Adank and Yueyun Song
This project was performed during an exchange semester at collage of creative arts at Massey University,  New Zeeland. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The circle of a bathroom
A future family constellation may differ from what we are used to today. It may be more multigenerational or consist of people living together in larger complexes. These aspects have been considered in my design process and I have created a diversified space that can be used by several individuals.
The bathroom space consists of four different spaces that can be used all at the same time. The spaces are divided by a sliding door system which lets the family use the space more efficiently.
In the future the purity of the water in our mains may not be good enough to use. The water within this bathroom will therefore enter through the filter in the water recycling station before being used in the bathroom. The water is then stored in the clean water tank and will later on be distributed in the bathroom through either the shower,
basin or sauna. The used water will pass through sensors within the drain that decides whether the water is clean enough to be filtered again. If not, the water will be stored in the wastewater tank and later on used to flush the toilet with. The wastewater tank is also connected to the sewer if it were to be filled up. The water that is clean enough to filter again will go back through the water recycling station. The water will then loop within the system as long as possible and for maintenance the filter will have to be changed a few times per year depending on usage.

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